1. Observe all safety regulations and instructions as they are made for your protection and for protection of other employees.
  2. Some jobs require special protection equipment or clothing , know these requirement and observe them.
  3. Unsafe acts create unsafe condition, don’t increase the condition rather correct those you can handle yourself and report others to your supervisor.
  4. Report and receive treatment for all injuries no matter how small attend first aid.
  5. Carelessness and horseplay is not tolerated as we expect all employees to be responsible humans
  6. Stay clear of suspended loads
  7. Except in emergency situation, it is not necessary to run in performing your duties , this is to avoid slips and fall.

There  are reduction in prices  from ex –ware house compared to other  other relative company of similar activities. It is also our duties to make change of any rejected items without additional cost.

Amongst all we stock, we generally major on the above goods and they are available on request .